Friday, October 19, 2012

Album 365: Day 10 - Rush - Counterparts


Favorite tracks: Animate, Between Sun and Moon, Alien Shore
Sleeper tracks: Nobody's Hero, The Speed of Love

Rush should be the fist band I list twice in Album: 365.  Today marks the 19th anniversary of the release of Counterparts.  I remember going with my friends/bandmates to Apple Emporium for the midnight release of this album and Pearl Jam's Vs. album.  It was the ultimate in fan duties: anticipating the songs (we had only heard the single, "Stick It Out" on the radio a few times), endlessly talking about the song and album titles, going downstairs to jam,  waiting for midnight, driving to the store, opening up the CD and listening to it for the first time...on a school night.  That pretty much describes a perfect day for me at the age of 17.

Sonically, Counterparts is the band's second best sounding album (Moving Pictures is number one) and it's a really dark record musically.

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