Friday, October 26, 2012

Album 365: Day 17 - Live From Heaven - Live From Heaven

Live From Heaven
Live From Heaven

Favorite tracks:  Look the Other Way, Fear of Failure, Eucatastrophe
Sleeper tracks: Invincible Children, Beautiful Nothing

Live From Heaven is another band that I worked with at Winterland Studios.  I recorded everything but the drums and piano for this release (add recording a bong to my resume, thank you).  Very Chili Peppers/Muse influenced.  They were fun guys to work with.  I was really impressed by the musicianship and the ideas the bad had for the album.  Scott, the singer and guitar player, did a great job with the amount of time we had to do the overdubs.  I always wished we had more time to work on things.  The guitar solo for "Look the Other Way" is one of my favorites I've recorded.

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