Monday, October 29, 2012

Album 365: Day 20 - Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made

Sounds That Can't Be Made

Favorite tracks: Sounds That Can't Be Made, Pour My Love, Lucky Man
Sleeper tracks: Gaza, Montreal

Another sleeper disc.  I don't think I was expecting glory; but I was not expecting to be as bored as I was with this record.

Marillion has been a band I have tried to like ever since I heard "Kayleigh" on MTV.  THAT is a great tune. The band opened for Rush in the 80s and growing up, some of the bands I liked really dug Marillion.  The bass player is in Transatlantic and I previously stated how much I love their albums.  I never explored their calalog outside of this album, Seasons End, and Misplaced Childhood.  I will probably give them a couple more chances during Album: 365.  For now, I can say that this record was too "moody" for my taste.  There weren't any points in the album where I found myself grooving to the music.  It felt small and too contrived (old guys trying to be current).

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