Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Album 365: Day 21 - Opeth - Deliverance


Favorite tracks: Deliverance, Master's Apprentices, By the Pain I See In Others
Sleeper tracks: A Fair Judgement, For Absent Friends

Evil music for the evil holiday.

I first heard about Opeth during my rock n roll school days at Music Tech.  I picked up their Blackwater Park release and wasn't too thrilled with it.  As I started recording metal bands at Oarfin, I rediscovered the band with this album.  Something happened in that 1 year that allowed me to appreciate the band and gave them a place on my favorites shelf.

I still say that the song "Deliverance" is one of the most perfect metal songs I have heard.  Fast, slow, fast, it grooves, it's in 7/8 for a good portion of the song, "cookie monster" vocals AND great singing.  The album is filled with long songs and great musicianship (the guitars are super fun to listen to).  It's not my favorite Opeth album but it's the one that contains the song I go back to quite often.  Listening to this record gets me excited for the days when I can add the band's other releases to Album 365.

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