Friday, October 12, 2012

Album 365: Day 3 - Align - Blue Book Value

Blue Book Value

Favorite tracks: Lost On The 10, Rapidan, Never Less Than Once Removed
Sleeper tracks: Dress Down To Home, Quest For Townies

Throughout Album 365 I will be listing a few albums that I have worked on.  There are a handful of albums that I'm really proud of and some, like Blue Book Value, are really fun to listen to.  I've referred to this album as my 'Raking Leaves' record.  Think rake air guitar in the front yard.

This album is special to me because of the guys in the band were cool and allowed me to be part of the recording process and hilarity during the moments of downtime.  I recorded the bass, guitars and vocals.  I can say that the drums on this record are probably the best I've heard come out of Oarfin Studios in the almost 3 years that I worked there.  This album was done on 2 inch tape.

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