Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Album 365: Day 8 - Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger


Favorite tracks: Outshined, Slaves and Bulldozers, Jesus Christ Pose
Sleeper tracks: Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Mind Riot

I found out about Soundgarden on Easter Sunday, 1992.  The Easter Bunny left me an issue of Modern Drummer.  There was an article about Matt Cameron and I was intrigued by what they wrote about him and the band.  What's funny to me is that Elvin Jones was on the cover of that issue and Cameron has since been described as the Elvin Jones of his generation (more on Elvin later in this blog).

I think it was a few months later that I heard this album.  I really liked the first 4 songs but thought the last 4 weren't very fun.  In later years, Slaves and Bulldozers became my favorite song and I was able to appreciate the rest of the album.  My snobby drummer side loved how Matt was able to make odd time signatures sound cool and tough.  The drop D tuning of Outshined was probably the sludgiest thing I heard up to that point.  It is a really good metal album and I still go to it often.

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