Thursday, November 1, 2012

Album 365: Day 23 - The Who - Who's Next

The Who
Who's Next

Favorite tracks: Baba O'Riley, The Song Is Over, Won't Get Fooled Again
Sleeper tracks: Love Ain't For Keeping, Going Mobile

My favorite album from my second favorite band.  A special birthday treat.

My earliest recollection of this album would be the songs from it played on the radio.  Obviously the album was a hit and spawned several radio constants.  I can't remember when I got the album but I do remember picking up the deluxe re-issue in 2003.

Being a huge Who fan, I have played the crap out of this record over the years.  It's a fun album to listen to with headphones.  The only downside of the release is that it never came out as the "Lifehouse" album that Pete intended.  He's since released a complete "Lifehouse" but I always wanted to hear it with this band.

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