Saturday, November 10, 2012

Album 365: Day 31 - V - Welcome To Life

Welcome To Life

Favorite tracks: When the Breeze Hits, Heart to the Sea, Letter to Kim
Sleeper tracks: Fumbling, Welcome to Life

It was Victor's birthday today.  One of my true buddies and I wanted to honor him by playing his album.  Happy birthday friend.

I met Victor (V or Stallion to some) when he was in a band I recorded.  He was the bass player of this band and after we recorded several songs, he asked me to engineer his solo project.  I happily agreed.  That project started in early 2004 and 2007.  During that time, Victor and I recorded, mixed and mastered at:

  • Oarfin Records studio B (3 of the songs were tracked and mixed there)
  • A440 Studios (mixing and mastering)
  • The Hideaway Studio (tracking and mixing)
  • Victor's practice space (tracking)
  • My bedroom on Clinton Ave South (editing and mixing)
I was happy he was able to complete the album.  It's a great look back at my early engineering career.  Some of the songs turned out really well, some I can hear my naivete.  Victor is a great songwriter and a great person to work with. Those sessions were filled with big laughs and big sarcasm.  I'm looking forward to listening to his former/sorta former band's album soon. 

(Shout out goes to Clint for drumming on the album) 

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