Sunday, November 11, 2012

Album 365: Day 32 - Foreigner - Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

Favorite tracks: That Was Yesterday, I Want To Know What Love Is, Reaction to Action
Sleeper tracks: Down On Love, She's Too Tough

I can't figure out how this album sold 3 million copies.

I can honestly say that today was the first time I listened to this album.  I'm familiar with the 3 songs that were singles (all 3 of my favorite tracks).  This isn't the same Foreigner that was played at my aunts' parties when they babysat me.  I like those albums.  This one, aside from the singles which were pretty good songs, was filled with 80s sounding pop/rock.  Mick Jones finishes this album and then starts to produce Van Halen's 5150 record.

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