Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Album 365: Day 35 - The Freddy Jones Band - Lucid

The Freddy Jones Band

Favorite tracks: Wonder, Better Tomorrow, Mystic Buzz
Sleeper tracks: Come On Back, C MInor Contribution

A band that helped start the 'roots rock' assault of the 90s, carved a niche and quickly faded.

Got hooked on FJB because of my friend Bryan and Kaukauna River Fest or Jam or whatever it was called in 1994 (was a volunteer "roadie" when they played there the summer after senior year).  Lucid came out in Sept. '97 and I remember spinning the CD quite a bit during parties and hang-out sessions with my friends.  I went to 3 or 4 shows on the tour supporting the album and was able to get backstage at Summerfest to briefly hang with the bass player and drummer.  I really love the memories this album produced.

It's good radio rock music.  Good hooks and vocal harmonies.  "Better Tomorrow" is probably their best song.  It was a shame they couldn't ride the wave of momentum they created with this album.

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