Friday, November 16, 2012

Album 365: Day 38 - John Cougar - John Cougar

John Cougar
John Cougar

Favorite tracks: Miami, Do You Think That's Fair, I Need A Lover
Sleeper tracks: Great Mid-west, Taxi Dancer

(Weekends aren't the best for posting updates)

My aunt Sue had this album and I really enjoyed listening to it when I was a kid.  It was my first introduction to John and I will openly admit I was a fan for a long time.

The album has lost its lustre over the years.  As I listened to it, I realized that the songs were kinda weak.  "I Need A Lover" is a great tune but that was produced by a guy who didn't produce the rest of the album.  Kenny Aronoff was not the drummer on this record.

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