Thursday, November 22, 2012

Album 365: Day 44 - Genesis - Abacab


Favorite tracks: Abacab, No Reply At All, Dodo/Lurker
Sleeper tracks: Me and Sarah Jane, Man On the Corner

(Thanksgiving trip back home is done.  I didn't have the time to type out entries each day but lying in a guest bedroom with no tv allowed me to listen to each day's selection with great concentration)

I started to appreciate Genesis at an early age.  My aunt Sue had Phil's Face Value album and local rock radio played quite a bit of Genesis.  Being a young drummer, I thought Phil's drumming was unique and sounded cool.  After I graduated rock n roll school, I came to learn the genius in engineering that was Hugh Padgham.  The Phil Collins drum sound was just as much his creation as it was Phil's playing.  I like the tales of Hugh placing a snare next to Phil's drum set and capturing the snare vibrating from the sound of the drums.  Listen to Genesis albums on headphones and you can hear how the 'side snare' adds to the resonance of the drum sound.

Abacab was an album I listened to a lot while working at Oarfin Records.  I used to play it while doing studio clean up.  It's a good pop album but it also allowed early Genesis prog to blend with great song writing.

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