Saturday, November 24, 2012

Album 365: Day 46 - Deep Purple - Burn

Deep Purple

Favorite tracks: Burn, Lay Down, Stay Down, You Fool No One
Sleeper tracks: Mistreated, A 200

This is my favorite Mk III album from Deep Purple.

My parents and rock radio introduced me to Deep Purple.  Everybody knows the hits but this album doesn't get as much respect because there wasn't a single that came from it.

I will say that I like Coverdale in Whitesnake more than Deep Purple but his singing on this album was a good transition from Gillan.  Glenn Hughes was brought in to replace Glover.  I've been known to chastise Hughes for milking the fact he was in Deep Purple.  I don't like the guy but listening to this album allowed me to appreciate what he brought to the band.  His bass playing was different than Roger's and some of the bass runs he does are really cool.  He sang quite a bit on this record and the harmonies are cool.  I'm not a fan of his lead stuff; especially live where he tried so damn hard to match Gillan's power.

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