Sunday, November 25, 2012

Album 365: Day 47 - Great Girls Blouse - 147471

Great Girls Blouse

Favorite tracks: He Played, 147471
Sleeper tracks: Guilt Trip

I met this band through the studio manager of A440 Studios.  I agreed to work with them because I liked the band's vibe, I liked the tunes and we liked some of the same music.  The singer and bass player were married and that was a funny aspect of the recording/producing process.  The album was recorded live with minimal overdubs.  I thought the drums turned out really good.  Amy had a great voice and the middle part of 147471 is my favorite spot of the album in my favorite song of theirs.

Amy and Jason moved to the left coast and I never worked with them again.  I have fond memories of joking around and hanging with them.

Album was recorded, mixed and mastered at A440 Studios, Minneapolis, MN

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