Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Album 365: Day 50 - King's X - Black Like Sunday

King's X
Black Like Sunday

Favorite tracks: Black Like Sunday, Working Man, Bad Luck
Sleeper tracks: Rock Pile, You're the One

I started to get into King's X after the release of Dogman.  That was a great album and I became a loyal fan very quickly.

King's X is a hard luck rock group.  They have been placed on a pedestal by other musicians but never really broke through to the mainstream like they deserved.  They're a great band that I love listening to both live and on record.

Black Like Sunday wasn't a memorable release.  For me, each album after their 1998 Tape Head record contained only glimmers of greatness.  There are some good songs on Black Like Sunday but I wouldn't pick it as one of my top 5 King's X albums.

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