Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Album 365: Day 56 - Porcupine Tree - In Absentia

Porcupine Tree
In Absentia

Favorite tracks: Blackest Eyes, Trains, The Sound of Muzak, Prodigal
Sleeper tracks: Wedding Nails, Collapse the Light Into Earth

Considering my prog affinity, I was really late to the Porcupine Tree fan club meeting.

I heard about these guys through the forum that inspired me to start Album: 365.  A guy and I were exchanging CDs (yes, like pen pals. Corny but in the days of dial-up, it was kinda cool).  He sent me this album and after I heard it, I quickly took the bus down to Cheapo and found a copy.  I think I listened to it 6 times that night.

I quickly learned that Steve Wilson was a friend of the lead singer of Opeth (search Album: 365 for reference).  He produced and engineered some Opeth albums.  Steve has a great sense of melody...classic English prog vibe in his voice; and his song writing is catchy as hell.  This isn't my favorite Porcupine Tree album but it's the first one I heard and is quite special to me.

I still kick myself in the balls for not going to see them in 2005.  One of my biggest regrets in a year of a lot of regrets.

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