Thursday, December 6, 2012

Album 365: Day 58 - Journey - Escape


Favorite tracks: Don't Stop Believin', Stone In Love, Escape
Sleeper tracks: Keep On Runnin', Lay It Down

"Come on ladies! It's Journey!"

I never owned a physical CD of Journey besides their last greatest hits album.  There was enough Journey on the radio to keep me satiated.  I'm a fan of the band but never really thought it was important to have a studio album.

Escape is a really good record.  It has my favorite Journey song, "Stone In Love".  The album has a bunch of killer tunes on it and 9.5 million copies sold isn't something to ignore.  The Cain/Perry/Schon trio wrote awesome songs.  Ross Valory's bass playing is at its peak on this album.  There are a bunch of really, really good hooks in the songs and the guitar parts are pretty tough/cool.  It's hard for me to choose this or Frontiers as the best Journey album (I might lean a bit to Escape).

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