Friday, December 7, 2012

Album 365: Day 59 - Dream Theater - Images and Words

Dream Theater
Images and Words

Favorite tracks: Take the Time, Metropolis Pt. 1: (The Miracle and the Sleeper), Under A Glass Moon
Sleeper tracks: Another Day, Wait For Sleep

Arguably one of the most important progressive rock/metal albums of all time.  One of the worst, dated album covers of the 90s.

I read about Dream Theater (not Theatre) in a Modern Drummer magazine back in 93.  The article about Mike Portnoy caught my eye because his drum kit was big and his listed influences included Neil Peart and Terry Bozzio (among other drummers that I loved).  After reading the article, I went to Shopko and bought the CD.  Yes, I bought a Dream Theater CD in a Shopko store.  That was back when the CDs came in those cool cardboard sleeves that you could cut out and hang in your locker.

The middle of this record blew my mind.  "Metropolis..." and "Under A Glass Moon" are some of the coolest prog songs I ever heard.  The guitar solo in "Glass.." is Petrucci's best.  The album had everything I was looking for in a band and I have been a fan ever since.  I've mellowed my intensity over the last couple years but I still can listen to a Dream Theater album and find myself air drumming.

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  1. You just brought me back 20 years. I forgot about those cardboard sleeves.