Sunday, December 9, 2012

Album 365: Day 60 - King Crimson - Discipline

King Crimson

Favorite tracks: Elephant Talk, Frame By Frame, Indiscipline
Sleeper tracks: The Sheltering Sky

My second favorite King Crimson album.

My aunt Lisa was a King Crimson fan.  I think I first heard this record while hanging with her.  I liked this version of the band better than the 60s and 70s version.  The decision of Robert Fripp to reform the group was well worth it and what we got was a band that sounded totally different and cool.

Fripp and Adrian Belew are 2 of the best guitar players in rock.  I love their style and ability to make something really complex sound grooving.  This record (made 7 years after Red) redefined progressive music in the 80s.

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