Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Album 365: Day 63 - Cheap Trick - Dream Police

Cheap Trick
Dream Police

Favorite tracks: Dream Police, I'll Be With You Tonight, Voices
Sleeper tracks: The House Is Rockin', I Know What I Want

Arguably the best album/gate fold design of the 1970s.

My parents had this album and I'm thankful they did.  I loved how cool the cover art was and how kick ass the music was.  I remember listening to it, following along with the lyrics and playing air guitar to the record.  It is one of my top 25 albums, not only for the music but for the memories that come with it.

The band asked Steve Lukather to play guitar on "Voices".  I love Rick Nielsen's playing and song writing but Steve's solo on "Voices" is pretty damn bitchin.

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