Thursday, December 13, 2012

Album 365: Day 65 - 12 Rods - Separation Anxieties

12 Rods
Separation Anxieties

Favorite tracks: Kaboom, What Has Happened, Marionette
Sleeper tracks: I Think I'm Flying, Your Secret's Safe With Me

Minneapolis' hidden gem of a bitching pop band.  One of the tragedies of the fickle music biz.

This is the 2nd 12 Rods album I owned.  I don't like it as much as Split Personalities (I'll be playing that later in Album: 365) but it has my favorite 12 Rods song, "What Has Happened".  Actually, it's probably one of the top 10 songs to come out of the non-major label music scene in the last 15 years.

I can't tell you how happy I was to discover this band when I moved here.  There is nothing that compares to the song writing where I came from.  The band had hooks for days and Ev's voice was really cool for the music they were doing.  This album had more sleepers than Split Personalities but it still delivers a great listening experience.

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  1. Also got this and their others.Shame they ever split,great talents :)