Friday, December 21, 2012

Album 365: Day 72 - Flying Colors - Flying Colors

Flying Colors
Flying Colors

Favorite tracks:  Blue Ocean, The Storm, Infinite Fire
Sleeper tracks: Kayla, Love Is What I'm Waiting For

Another prog supergroup that enlists some of my favorite musicians.

Flying Colors is Mike Portnoy on drums, Neal Morse on keys and vocals, Dave LaRue on bass and Steve Morse on guitars.  There's also some dude named Casey on vocals but he doesn't have the prog pedigree.

For as much as I get annoyed by Mike Portnoy, I still find myself grabbing anything he's associated with.  This album is a really good prog record.  It's not too heavy and it only has 1 song over 10 minutes.  The one thing that bummed me out is that it sounds like a record made by Portnoy and Neal Morse with 2 members of the Dixie Dregs.  One thing about Steve Morse is that his sound is so recognizable.  That's not bad but I wanted to hear riffs that didn't sound like him.  Hard to explain I guess.

This album would appeal to a lot more people than any of the bands that the Flying Colors members came from (except maybe that Casey guy.  I'm not sure what he did before this).

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