Sunday, December 23, 2012

Album 365: Day 75 - North Styrenn - North Styrenn EP

North Styrenn
North Styrenn EP

Favorite tracks:  Someone Like You, Touch the Ground, Coming Back
Sleeper tracks: New World, North Styrenn

"It's not a new note."

I met these guys when working at Oarfin Records.  Ryan, the lead singer and rhythm guitar player, was an intern for a spell.  He was able to book time in studio B for a great rate.  That moment started a friendship and musical partnership that has lasted over 10 years.

***Search this blog for Victor Johnson.  He was the original bass player for North Styrenn and played guitars on this release.  You'll have a better understanding of the history I have with these guys.

We recorded this album at The Hideaway Studio.  I fondly remember the sessions as being really productive and fun.  We worked together in various studios before the record so we were all comfortable with the process.  I think we captured the best moments of the band and all learned a lot about production.  I can say that I am very, very happy with the results of the album (despite not being given official production credits.  Ooh am I still chapped about that).

We tracked to 2 inch and transferred to Pro Tools.  This was the first time I recorded a nose hair trimmer.

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