Thursday, December 27, 2012

Album 365: Day 79 - Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain

Prince and the Revolution
Purple Rain

Favorite tracks: Take Me With U, Darling Nikki, I Would Die 4 U, Baby I'm a Star, Purple Rain
Sleeper tracks: Computer Blue, When Doves Cry

My parents bought this album around the time of release.  It was a pretty far-out record for them to buy.  I remember the first night we all sat and listened to it.

I really enjoyed listening to the record again.  With headphones, I heard some really cool guitar work that I never noticed before.  I'll admit, the mixes of some of the songs are pretty bad.  It doesn't take away from the great songwriting and musicianship but there are things lost in the crappy mixing levels.

My favorite part of the album is "Purple Rain".  There was a great youtube video explaining some of the history of the live take of the song for the record.  It was done in a Pop Up Video style and had some very interesting facts about the performance.  Of course, Mr. Purple had it taken down.

I'm still amazed by Prince's talents.  Great musical icon.

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