Saturday, December 29, 2012

Album 365: Day 80 - ZZ Top - Fandango

ZZ Top

Favorite tracks: Thunderbird, Backdoor Medley, Heard It On the X
Sleeper tracks: Mexican Blackbird, Tush

Before Billy Gibbons discovered drum machines and synthesizers, ZZ Top was a pretty kick ass band.

This was the first ZZ Top album I owned.  It was my parents but I listened to it enough to call it my own.  I loved "Backdoor Medley".  The live songs are really tight.  Frank Beard's drumming is awesome and for the longest time I wondered why it wasn't that good during the 80s albums (see drum machine comment).  Heard It On the X is my favorite studio cut of ZZ Top's.  Great guitar, bass and drum song with cool licks.  I would be happy if I didn't hear Tush again.

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