Sunday, December 30, 2012

Album 365: Day 82 - Stevie Ray Vaghan - Couldn't Stand the Weather

Stevie Ray Vaghan
Couldn't Stand the Weather

Favorite tracks: Scuttle Buttin', Couldn't Stand the Weather, Voodoo Chile
Sleeper tracks: The Things That I Used To Do, Tin Pan Alley

My mom and dad had SRV's Soul To Soul album.  I listened to that a bit but I really got into Stevie after I saw him at Alpine Valley 2 nights before he died.

Couldn't Stand the Weather is a decent album.  It has some really good tunes and the best cover of a Hendrix song I've ever heard (besides SRV's "Little Wing").  It's not groundbreaking songwriting but the style of Stevie was apparent and still growing by the time this record came out.

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