Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Album 365: Day 113 - Sunshine Behavior - Sunshine Behavior

Sunshine Behavior
Sunshine Behavior

Favorite tracks: Pedestal, Today, April's Fools
Sleeper tracks: Sentimental Gentleman, Vicodin Vicky

I recorded and mixed this record.  I had a real fun time making this album.  We tracked basics at Winterland Studios onto 2 inch tape.  Overdubs were done at Winterland (studio B) and Gettysburg Studio.  Jimmy, the man behind the July Fighter album (do a blog search) played bass for Sunny B.  Harley Wood was an awesome singer and front man.  I really liked working with him in the studio.

The only issue I ever had with the record was the amount of songs they wanted to put on it.  The band wanted 14, I thought 8-9 would have been better.  Considering they never made another record, perhaps they were right in releasing everything.  BTW, the album art design was stellar for a local band.

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