Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Album 365: Day 84 - Rush - Permanent Waves

Permanent Waves

Favorite tracks: Freewill, Entre Nous, Natural Science
Sleeper tracks:

The first album released in the 80s (midnight on January 1, 1980) deserves a special night's reflection.

I could seriously make a case for this album being the all time best Rush album.  It started the other phase of the band.  They came off of Hemispheres and made a shift into more concise songs with pretty bitchin' riffs and technical prowess.  They were packing in a whole lot of prog into 5-9 minute tunes versus 20+ minute concept pieces that sometimes spanned 2 albums.  What they did on Moving Pictures wouldn't have worked if they didn't make Permanent Waves.  "Freewill" is one of my top 5 Rush songs.  "Natural Science" is an almost perfect prog song.

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