Monday, January 7, 2013

Album 365: Day 90 - Space Car Driver - Take Control

Space Car Driver
Take Control

Favorite tracks: Hawk, Moon Machine, Nothing Gets By You
Sleeper tracks: Minus 10, Xigong

I met these guys through my friend Ryan.  He was friends with the bass player, Adam.  The band wanted to track 3 songs at Gettysburg Studio and by the end of the project, we ended up tracking and mixing 8 really cool songs.

The guys in the band were all really cool and great musicians.  I wasn't expecting the type of music they presented but I was a fan as soon as I heard the drummer warming up (awesome drummer).  The singer/keys player had a cool voice and had some great analog synths.  I was very pleased with how the album turned out and how much the band was open to production ideas.  We all had great laughs and it was one of the most comfortable sessions that I did at Gettysburg.

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