Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Album 365: Day 92 - OSI - Office of Strategic Influence

Office of Strategic Influence

Favorite tracks: The New Math (What He Said), O.S.I., ShutDOWN
Sleeper tracks: When You're Ready, Horseshoes and B-52's

A less popular prog 'super group'.

Drummer and old keyboard player from Dream Theater team up with guitarist from Fates Warning.  The record was supposed to be Jim Matheos' solo album but it turned into a 'project' group/album.  There's some great prog elements to the album and Kevin Moore was able to add his signature keyboard style to the record.

I really looked forward to this album but it didn't have staying power for me.  The project released 3 other albums (with a different lineup).

"ShutDOWN" is a great song and features Steve Wilson (Porucupine Tree guitarist and singer).

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