Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Album 365: Day 99 - Z - Shampoohorn


Favorite tracks: In My Mind, Doomed To Be Together, Shampoohorn
Sleeper tracks: Loser, Mommy

Frank Zappa had kids and they made a record or 2 with dad's fame and fortune.

I like Dweezil as a guitar player but I only like a small amount of his original songs.  I bought this album during the Zappa phase of my life and I listened to it a lot.  I thought it was a killer album.  Listening to it today, I can't believe how crappy and inconsistent the production is.  The lyrics are pretty juvenile and don't hold up almost 20 years after.  I will say that the song "Shampoohorn" is a great piece of writing and is a great homage to Frank.

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