Thursday, February 7, 2013

Album 365: Day 121 - Cry of Love - Brother

Cry of Love

Favorite tracks: Highway Jones, Too Cold In the Winter, Peace Pipe
Sleeper tracks: Pretty As You Please, Gotta Love Me

Rock radio played 2 songs from this album.  They were pretty popular because they sounded like the Black Crowes but a little sleazier.  I remember back in 1998 I tried out for a band that loved this album.  We worked on "Too Cold..." and "Peace Pipe".  It would have worked if I didn't have to drive 20 miles each way for practice, 2 nights a week.

The album is a really good blues-rock record.  The production is great and most of the songs had my foot tapping.  I never really gave the album its due except for the 'hits'.  I will listen to this again.

Sidebar: The drummer from this band (and the bass player for a short time) were members of the Chris Duarte group.  I was able to see the drummer play with him at Ryan's Ballroom in Combined Locks.  He was great to talk to.  I think I saw the bass player with Chris at a show in Minneapolis but again, my memory is not what I'd like it to be.

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