Friday, February 8, 2013

Album 365: Day 122 - Styx - Cornerstone


Favorite tracks: Lights, Why Me, Never Say Never
Sleeper tracks: Boat On the River, First Time

I commandeered several 8-tracks that my parents had when I was young.  This was one of the 3 that I listened to a whole bunch.  I really, really loved this record back then.  I can remember singing along to it with my aunt Cheryl when I lived in the welfare apartments on the north side of Kaukauna.

It's one of Styx's most successful albums but I know a lot of Styx fans don't like how pop sounding it is.  Aside from "Babe", I think the songs were totally Styx sounding.  They toned this record down based on bad reviews they were getting for being too 'artsy'.  A true master of songwriting is to be able to change your style and still be successful.

"Never Say Never" is one of my top 5 Styx songs.

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