Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Album 365: Day 126 - Blood, Sweat and Tears - Nuclear Blues

Blood, Sweat and Tears
Nuclear Blues

Favorite tracks: Agitato, Nuclear Blues, Spanish Wine Suite
Sleeper tracks: I'll Drown In My Own Tears

Brilliant album.

B, S and T was a radio staple in my life.  Their hits were pretty damn cool.  What took me over the edge was meeting Chris Huston, the engineer who recorded this album (along with such hits as Led Zeppelin II...various songs).

Chris was an original studio designer for Oarfin (Metro) studios.  He was flown in to discuss a possible studio move and design.  It never happened but the stories he told for the few days he was in town were incredible.  His band had the Beatles open for them back in the day.  Undertaker was their name or something equally as sinister.  Enough said.

'Nuclear Blues', while 'dated' for 1980, was a great jazz/pop record.  Great musicianship and the recording was pretty awesome.  The space was dead and Chris did a great job capturing the band as a whole.  I would reference this as a marker for being prepared and capturing the 'first take' of any recording session.  

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