Thursday, February 14, 2013

Album 365: Day 127 - Mastodon - The Hunter

The Hunter

Favorite tracks:  Black Tongue, Blasteroid, Octopus Has No Friends
Sleeper tracks: Stargasm, Creature Lives


Thanks internet, for allowing me to search for these guys.  I knew about them but didn't really dig em until they were featured on VH1's "Metal Evolution".  That was around the release of this record and I'm very glad the stars aligned.

The album is really good.  Hell, the band's discography is really good.  There is a whole bunch of prog references and themes in the music....notably, the cover of this record resembles themes of E.L.P.'s 'Tarkus' releasen (but fits in with a larger theme the band has created with their studio catalog.  Search for a Mastodon The Hunter cover art video) :

Black Tongue promo video

Drummer Brann Dailor is an incredible musician and singer.  His fills were something I gravitated towards.  He's busy as hell but serves the song better than most rock drummers of the day.  Also, his singing chops are great.

I had the chance to catch these guys live last summer.  I will say they are a better studio band but it was cool to see prog chops presented on stage.  I'm glad I was able to see the show.

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