Thursday, February 14, 2013

Album 365: Day 128 - The Jelly Jam - The Jelly Jam 2

The Jelly Jam
The Jelly Jam 2

Favorite tracks: Not Today, Empty, War Is...
Sleeper tracks: Drop the Gun, Maybe

A prog supergroup...

Ty Tabor:  Guitars and vocals (King's X)
John Myung: Bass (Dream Theater
Rod Morgenstein: Drums (The Dixie Dregs)

I wasn't too impressed with the first Jelly Jam album.  Considering the roster, I thought the music would be a little cooler.  This 2nd album was considerably better but it seemed more like a Ty Tabor solo album.  I'm all into Ty's guitar playing and his role in King's X but his vocals aren't too pleasing.  He's real nasal-sounding.

Rod Morgenstein is one of my favorite drummers.  His performance on this record is pretty awesome.  John Myung? Well, he's John Myung.

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