Saturday, February 16, 2013

Album 365: Day 130 AC/DC - Highway To Hell

Highway To Hell

Favorite tracks: Girls Got Rhythm, Walk All Over You, Shot Down In Flames, If You Want Blood (You Got It)
Sleeper tracks: Highway To Hell, Beatin Around the Bush

This was an 8-track favorite of mine when I was a kid.  I played the hell out of this album.  It's probably the best album the band recorded and should be considered one of the best rock records of all time.

I would play this record at my aunts' parties and I could watch everybody start getting into the music.  Also, "Night Prowler" was a song I couldn't listen to alone.  I would get scared because my uncle Bill would tease me by saying this "Night Prowler" was walking around outside.  Funny that the song is actually about a guy sneaking into his girlfriends house.

I still get excited when I hear the intros to some of the tracks.

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