Sunday, February 17, 2013

Album 365: Day 131 - Stone Temple Pilots - Shangri-La Dee Da

Stone Temple Pilots
Shangri-La Dee Da

Favorite tracks: Days of the Week, Wonderful, Regeneration
Sleeper tracks: Hello It's Late, A Song For Sleeping

I eagerly went to the Musicland in downtown Minneapolis to get this the day of release.  I was really stoked about the record.  "Days of the Week" is one of my favorite STP songs.  Hell, I can remember exact blocks I was walking down when I heard some of the songs for the first time (2500 block of Blaisdell for "Coma" to be precise).

I tried to like this as much as the other STP releases but it grew to be one of my least favorite records by them.  There are some good songs but for the most part, the songs are a bit forgettable.  I'll always like the band for being part of the good (and bad) memories of my 20s.

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