Thursday, February 21, 2013

Album 365: Day 135 - Wayne Krantz - 2 Drink Minimum

Wayne Krantz
2 Drink Minimum

Favorite tracks: Whippersnapper, Dove Gloria, AFKAP
Sleeper tracks: Isabelle

Found this record reviewed in the back of a Modern Drummer magazine.  For some reason, the description of the album made me go to The Exclusive Company and order it.  I used to special order a lot of CDs from them.  A dollar deposit and a catalog number was all you needed to get something they wouldn't carry.

I was blown away when I put the CD in and heard the first track.  The drummer (Zach Danziger) was unreal. Wayne's guitar work was unreal.  It was a really good find and I couldn't be more happy that I was able to learn about this record almost 20 years ago.

The album was recorded with a couple microphones and a DAT recorder.  It must have been a really small club because you can hear the people at the tables talking in spots.

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