Sunday, February 24, 2013

Album 365: Day 138 - Steve Winwood - Back In the High Life

Steve Winwood
Back In the High Life

Favorite tracks: Higher Love, Back In the High Life Again, The Finer Things
Sleeper tracks: Take It As It Comes

I don't think I owned this album until I started my internship at Oarfin.  I'm pretty sure it was during my 'trying to find great sounding, well produced pop albums' period.  It was good training to hear how great records sounded after learning what to listen for.

This album is a great representation of 80's rock/pop.  The songs are awesome (5 of the 8 songs I've heard on the radio over the years) and the production is top notch for the era.

James Taylor's vocals on "Back In the..." are really tasty.

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