Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Album 365: Day 140 - King's X - Ogre Tones

King's X
Ogre Tones

Favorite tracks: Alone, Open You Eyes, Goldilox
Sleeper tracks: Be Bop, Get Away

A pretty good album from the band.  Better than their previous release but not  as cool as Dogman or Tape Head.  

I could never understand the boner the band (and a lot of other engineers) had for Michael Wagener.  He was a producer in the 80s that did a lot of popular 'hair metal' albums.  While his sound worked for back then, the quality of production on the King's X albums he worked on wasn't that great.  They did better themselves with Tape Head.  The songs are pretty good but the whole album sounds thin.  I remember being lambasted on an engineering forum for not thinking Michael walked on water.  

'Goldilox' was a reboot.  I never like when bands re-record their old hits and this version of one of my favorite King's X songs never lived up to the original.  

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