Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Album 365: Day 148 - Jeff Beck - There and Back

Jeff Beck
There and Back

Favorite tracks: Star Cycle, You Never Know, Space Boogie
Sleeper tracks: The Golden Road

I do not know when I got this record.  I do remember sitting in my apartment in Menasha listening to the record but I'm not sure if that was when I purchased it.  I think I bought Guitar Shop before this record and was totally disappointed about how Terry Bozzio sounded on the album.  I didn't come back to Jeff Beck for a few years.  This album was suggested in one of those magazine articles that tell you what records you should get from a certain musician, instrument, era, etc.

I figured out the Beck mystery and ended up liking his late 80s stuff quite a bit.  This album has a great mix of sounds and he always brought great musicians in to help record.  Jan Hammer plays keys on this and you can totally hear that Miami Vice sound about 4 years before the show aired.  That's either a good thing or really bad thing.  Jan was quite a rocker back in the day.

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