Monday, March 11, 2013

Album 365: Day 153 - Phish - A Picture of Nectar

A Picture of Nectar

Favorite tracks: Llama, Cavern, Poor Heart, Tweezer, Chalk Dust Torture
Sleeper tracks: The Landlady, Faht

Quite an awesome record and a huge influence on my teens.

I'm not saying it should be in anybody's top 100 list but this is one of those records that means a lot to me when I think of the stories and people associated with this album.  My friend Luke introduced me to the band.  Later, our friend Ryan introduced me to some older Phish albums.  The stuff was pretty cool. This album had the right combination of jazz and rock.  It wasn't too Greatful Dead sounding.

I played the hell out of this album over the past 20 years and I'll probably be listening to it for many more years.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not, or ever was, a Phishead.  I never saw them live and would never go see them live.  I think they're quite boring live.  The best way to take them in is in a format that has a time limit of 80 minutes.

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