Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Album 365: Day 161 - Alter Bridge - One Day Remains

Alter Bridge
One Day Remains

Favorite tracks: Find the Real, One Day Remains, Open Your Eyes
Sleeper tracks: Broken Wings, Shed My Skin

Yeah, ok.  I know it's basically Creed without Stapp.  I never mentioned to you that I thought Creed wrote some pretty good songs?  Oh, maybe later I'll discuss it.

I was pretty impressed with this album when it came out.  Soncially, it sounded really awesome.  The production was top notch and somebody spent a good amount of money on the record.  The songs on the front end of the album were catchy as hell.  There was a dead spot in the middle of the album but I thought it ended with a pretty cool song (and the 1 song on the record that sounded like a prog riff) "The End is Here".

It's not a record I would pick to listen to again but I will sneak a taste of the first 3 songs once in awhile.

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