Monday, March 25, 2013

Album 365: Day 167 - Ladder El - Ferris Wheel

Ladder El
Ferris Wheel

Favorite tracks: Genuine, 50/50, Mind Me
Sleeper tracks: Thinner, Fold

This was the first album I recorded at Winterland Studios.  The band was from (I think) Eau Claire and we did a couple weekends of tracking.  I really liked the vibe of the music.  The guitar player was pretty good and I remember he had a Howard Roberts guitar.  The singer reminded me of a white Tracy Chapman...if Tracy was a dude.

They recorded all the tracks in studio B.  Brian, Winterland's chief engineer, mixed in studio A.  I was amazed with how good he made the record sound.  The drums were pieces of crap and the room was small and boxy.  The album turned out really great.

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  1. Tracy Chapman sounds like a dude. She always throws me off when I play Song Pop on the female singer catagory.