Sunday, March 24, 2013

Album 365: Day 166 - U.K. - Danger Money

Danger Money

Favorite tracks: Danger Money, The Only Thing She Needs, Carrying No Cross
Sleeper tracks: Nothing To Lose

The first time I heard a complete U.K. album was when I heard this for Album 365.  I knew of the band but can't understand why I wouldn't have owned something by them (or heard them) before.

John Wetton and Terry Bozzio play on this record.  The earlier record has Allan Holdsworth and Bill Bruford.  These are all musicians I adore but I really missed the boat with this 'supergroup'.

Bozzio's drumming is really cool on this album.  John Wetton's vocals are really silky smooth again (see King Crimson 'Red' entry).

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