Sunday, March 31, 2013

Album 365: Day 173 - Back To Zero - Reset the Sun

Back To Zero
Reset the Sun

Can't find picture of the album!

Favorite tracks:  The Right Thing, Letting Her Down, Freedom, Call To Arms
Sleeper tracks: Hopeless Meditation, Happily Ever After

This was a band I worked with at Oarfin Records.  I recorded everything in Oarfin Studio B and mixed in Oarfin Studio A.

I had a bunch of fun working with these guys.  I really like some of the songs on this record.  I think the production is pretty decent but if they worked with a producer, the songs could have been a whole lot cooler.  They bit off a lot and should have done an album with about 8 tracks instead of the 13 they had.  The recording process was a big step in honing my chops.  I liked the drum sound I got (the drummer wasn't the hardest player and it shows on some songs) and the bass sound was cool.  There were several volume issues in the mixing that I can hear (vocals too quiet, some guitar fx too loud).

Jeff, the singer, had a great vision for the record.  He's gone on to do some really cool music in his group Skittish.

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