Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Album 365: Day 175 - 57 Stitch - Nerveblock

57 Stitch

Favorite tracks: Strength, Drown In the Air, Paid To Die
Sleeper tracks: All I Ever Need, Little Red

This was a band I was introduced to while interning at Oarfin Records.  They were recording this record over a couple years and I would assist on some of the sessions.  As I got promoted, I did more engineering work on the album.  I did mostly bass and guitar overdubs and played some percussion.

I really loved these guys.  I loved working with them and talking shop.  Brett had a bunch of really cool, really nice guitars.  He was a fan of the 70s B.C. Rich guitars and also had several Les Pauls.  One of the 'money men' for the project brought in a late 50s Les Paul to use on the record.  I think the guitar was valued at around $70,000.  To be honest, it didn't sound 15x better than the next expensive guitar on the album.

Seriously though, I learned so much working with these guys. They allowed me to be a part of a really cool record and made me feel welcome.  Their producer Matt was a great person to learn from and had a really awesome ear for harmonies.  I always looked forward to seeing the band on the schedule.   Brett (singer) and I coined a couple phrases during the recording sessions.  Mult shop (doing multiple takes of solos) and lipper rock (the kind of music that makes you do the 'tough guy', face when you hear it).

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