Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Album 365: Day 176 - Rictus - Rictus


No album art could be found!

Favorite tracks: Track 1, Track 5, Track 7
Sleeper tracks: Track 3

The phantom album.  After 176 days, I finally found an album I didn't have track names for.

I worked with this band at A440 Studios in Minneapolis.  I remember that the band was a 4 piece from Morris, MN (they say so in one of their songs).  We recorded and mixed 9 songs over the course of a couple weekends.  The singer and lead guitar player was going to school for music I think.  I just remember him being a pretty damn good guitar player and his sense of melody and pitch was refreshing.

I sent them to Winterland Studios to get the album mastered by Brian.  I received a mastered copy of the record but I never got a finished CD.

There were a lot of bands I worked with that are now only memories.  Some recorded whole albums, some only recorded a few songs.  I have lost touch with most of them.  It's kind of eerie to remember the sessions and what was going on in my life during that time.  I can't believe some of the hours I put in and how much of my life was centered around music.    

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