Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Album 365: Day 191 - Martyr A.D. - On Earth As It Is In Hell

Martyr A.D.
On Earth As It Is In Hell

Favorite tracks: Bring Out Your Dead, The Serpent and the Flower, American Hollow, Misery Dance
Sleeper tracks: Into Stone

I had the pleasure of working with this band in what would be Oarfin Records last recording session (December 2003).

Great metal band.  They booked out 14 days or so in Oarfin Studio A.  I tracked some guitars, bass and all of the vocals.  It was fun to work with them and the album sounds pretty awesome.  They ended up getting a bunch of new gear with the money they got from Victory Records.  I remember the big stack of 5150 speakers and heads.

Oarfin became one of the better places in the Minneapolis area to record hard rock and metal.  It was a fun time to be working in the music industry.

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